Brian Mullaney

by Way, James, Joo Young, Karsten from Xiamen

Smile Train organization asked to have story retired. Moved to inactive 1/20/2015 rm
 (My hero)
(My hero)

My hero, Brian Mullaney is a life saver. He lives in New York City right now with his kids and wife. When he was young he had good education and got into Harvard University.

He created the Smile Train because he believes the world should be balanced, and that poor people should have better lives. He donates the money to his company Smile Train that provides cleft surgeries to poor kids all over the world. He also made a company ''Wonderwork''. This is a company that gives poor people free surgeries like giving them a second chance to live.

Before he was a hero, he was a billionaire with lots and lots and lots of money. But then he saw the poor people begging for money to give surgeries to their kids, and struggling because they're out of food and water. Then he wanted to help. The company WonderWork he created had raised $750,000,000 in less then 10 years. This money is used for his company to give food, water, beds, and sport items to the poor.

He said that he doesn't care about himself, he will help the poor people no matter what. He wished that before he died, he will give the poor a better life.I think people should follow his steps, raising extra money for poor people, because every dollar is worth it. He had inspired me to help poor people in the world, trying to balance the world, and I will follow his steps and raise money for poor people.

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