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Title Author Changed Kind
About Ron Kovic The MY HERO Project 9/21/2017 Film
After she returned to her Ethiopian hometown, she had to help the girls 9/21/2017
Remembering '85, Mexico City public leaps into quake rescue 9/21/2017
The Latest: Mexico City says 52 saved from quake ruins 9/21/2017
Homeless Teen PSA Righteous Conversations Project 9/21/2017 Film
Education Equity PSA Righteous Conversations Project 9/21/2017 Film
Microaggression Righteous Conversations Project 9/21/2017 Film
Women on the Move Shannon Carroll 9/21/2017 Film
Following Heart Taft High School 9/21/2017 Film
Girls Like Us Hailey Sprinkel 9/21/2017 Film
Why Not Now: Vivian Stancil Riley Hooper 9/21/2017 Film
The Weight We Carry Nick Cavalier 9/21/2017 Film
Valentia Simoon Moshi 9/21/2017 Film
Solace in Amal Angel Rivera 9/21/2017 Film
-- No exit: Jordan’s most vulnerable refugees Liz Mermin | Thomson Reuters Foundation 9/21/2017 Film
International Coastal Cleanup Nicolás Landa Tami, Emi Koch, Jill Dsouza 9/21/2017 Film
Marine Conservation Philippines Matthew Jarvis 9/21/2017 Film
Notice Me Antonio Britvar, Michelle Shahryar 9/20/2017 Film
Sea of Stories Azure Allen 9/20/2017 Film
The Petition Riley Goodwin, Kibiriti Majuto 9/20/2017 Film
Seen Not Heard Ming Gao 9/20/2017 Film
Statement of Truth D'Arion Curry-Matthews 9/20/2017 Film
Baltimore Speaks Ricardo Amparo, Danielle Clapperton, Taqi Juba, Joshua White 9/20/2017 Film
film forever Michael McGuirk 9/20/2017 Film
Lost Kathryn Unterberger 9/20/2017 Film
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